dinsdag 9 oktober 2018

Small update

I am pretty sure I received more postcards,
but the cat decided to sleep on my writing table
and these are the ones I managed to get from 
under her behind.

Postcrossing meeting in Gouda, the Netherlands

Two cards from the Czech Republic

I actually saw this clock in action 
when I was 18, that's 12 years ago already...

Next in line:

 A viking bracelet (ca. 800-850 AD), 
found in the Netherlands, Wijk bij Duurstede
The name 'Wijk bij Duurstede' means 'Neighbourhood by Duurstede'. Duurstede is the name of the nearby castle/ruin, also called Dorestad, where the bishop of Utrecht used to live. Wijk bij Duurstede is located at the place where Dorestad used to be, an important Frisian trade settlement during Carolingian times, that was pillaged around 850 by the Vikings.

York, UK

I have no information about this
stamp, but wanted to share anyway.

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