maandag 26 januari 2015

Stamps, what else?

It has been a very slow mail period for me lately, 
so lets do a stamp update!


Winter greeting stamp featuring snowmen
by Janne Harju 


Honey badger; first day cover

donderdag 22 januari 2015

zondag 18 januari 2015

Anime love!

I just noticed these beauties never made it to my blog!
Time to set things right
I got them all in one swap 

maandag 12 januari 2015

Two postcards from the Netherlands

These postcards fell in my mailbox today
I am really happy because both roses and horses are
personal favourites!

This gorgeous rose came with several Christmas stamps
but that's for another post

 The horses were a "just because" card from 
a fellow postcrosser, I love it. 

zaterdag 10 januari 2015

Collecting Christmas stamps


The Global Holiday: Silver Bells Wreath International Forever stamp (2014)
was created under the art direction William Gicker. Michael Owens designed the stamp and constructed the wreath, which Sally Andersen-Bruce photographed. Angelica Dennis created the bow.
I love the cancellation too! 

Poinsettia Stamp
classic holiday stamp with the bright and cheerful rendering of America's favorite holiday flower, the poinsettia.

zondag 4 januari 2015

All kinds of mail things

This tea was a resend from a swap I did via Swap-bot,
the card arrived, but the envelope was open and the tea gone.
The sender of the swap was so kind to try again.

This Christmas card arrived via a Postcrossing group
on facebook I am a member of. Look at the cute envelope
and extra stickers! 

And of course I also made some Christmas cards.
Hope that they arrived safely.

zaterdag 3 januari 2015

A great surprise in the mail!

I am back! Took some time off but now I am ready for 2015!
The first mail I received this year was a total surprise.

Not the best quality pic, but I had to be fast. Why? 
Well, the cat paw gives you a clue...

I got this great package from Nancy in Switzerland!
She hit the random button on Sendsomething and got my address,
lucky me! 
I got lots of chocolate, cute magnets, tea, 
a nice coin purse, a short story, a pretty pic
and a sweet Christmas card and letter.
The stamps are amazing too, but more about those in a different post.

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