woensdag 20 mei 2015

Good mail coming in

A Swap-bot swap from Germany with tea!
The sender wrote her message in German, and I understood everything,
so I am pretty pleased. 

A facebook swap, sent from Belgium but a great card from
the Humor Monastery in Romania

on the envelope there was this 
cute stamp from Belgium
(set of 5)

This card fell in my mailbox thanks to Swap-bot too.
The sender of this card liked one of my "Chunk O Cardboard" pieces a lot
so I sent him a message, offering to send a similar one. 
I got this card in return, he took the picture himself.  

Great stamps from the US

Chinese Lunar New Year
(set of 12, 2005)
top right:
Year of the Ram
bottom right:
(set of 5, 2011)
"The flax plant's stems can be transformed into linen, and its seeds into oil"

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