zondag 15 mei 2016

Collecting Christmas stamps! (and more stamps too)

My dear (pen-)friend sent me these amazing stamps! 
They are mostly Christmas and Easter stamps or they have a religious theme. 
I photographed the book "as is" because I couldn't wait to show you this wonderful gift!
(I am going to look for more information later for the individual stamps.)

vrijdag 13 mei 2016

Stamps and postcards!

I got a postcard from Andorra!
I am so happy I can cross off another country from my list

"Coat of arms of Andorra"
no face value

A card from Japan! I won a lottery
on the postcrossing forum, 
and found these bunnies in my mailbox

"International Letter-Writing Week"
set of 4 (2015)

And these are special stamps, they are railway stamps
from Belgium! My fiancé spoiled me with these.
This specific stamp was issued from 1879 till 1882.
It shows the coat of arms.
This kind of stamp is called a cinderella stamp in philately.

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