vrijdag 30 augustus 2013

Got a special Belgian stamp order!

I received a special Belgian stamp order today!
These are all stamps with a value on them.
The combination for Europe
The combination for the "World"
These are my favourites too.

woensdag 28 augustus 2013

Postcrossing official from Malaysia

From the back of the card:
This is the front view of Batu Caves Hindu temple. 
The magnificent statue of Lord Murugan stands 140 feet (43 meter)
from the foot of the cave temple. There are 272 steps leading
into the Sri Subramaniam Swamy temple inside the cave. 

dinsdag 27 augustus 2013

From Russia with love

1. The Kremlin at night
3. The Chapel of our Lady's icon of Iberia
near the Voskresenskiye gate
and again 5. The Kremlin at night 

This painting can be found in the Tretyakov Gallery
A Rider by Karl Bryullov

maandag 26 augustus 2013

Mail from Hong Kong and the US

A little celebration! This postcard is my "received: 100 postcards" on Postcrossing!
From Hong Kong

This is a golden lock for new-born babies, 
the words on it mean "luck" and "health". 

Special stamp issue - "Revitalisation of Historic Buildings in Hong Kong"

Architectural heritage bears witness to the development of our city. To enhance heritage conservation in the territory, the Government launched the Revitalising Historic Buildings Through Partnership Scheme in 2008 with the objectives of preserving historic buildings in Hong Kong, developing them into remarkable cultural landmarks and putting them to good and innovative use. To enhance public understanding of the conservation and revitalisation of local historic buildings, Hongkong Post will issue a set of six special stamps on the theme of "Revitalisation of Historic Buildings in Hong Kong". These stamps feature the six historic buildings under Batch I of the Revitalisation Scheme and their usage after revitalisation.
To complement the special stamp issue, Hongong Post will launch, for the first time, a set of postage prepaid picture cards with 3D effect on the same theme. The 3D cards are perfect for sending personal greetings to friends and relatives. They also make appealing items for collectors.

Beautiful stamps from the US

Amazing Christmas stamps

zondag 25 augustus 2013

Got in the mood to make some cards

Another simple 3D Christmas card

And a random card for when I need it 

The forever friends designs came with "PaperCraft inspirations" Christmas 2010
The blank cards from Zeeman

zaterdag 24 augustus 2013

Some arts & crafts

A few weeks ago I made a Pinterest account.
I see lots of pretty things, interesting things, 
but lots of useful things... no (not yet?).
Some of the ideas I already 
made use of though. Here they are... 

Simple mail art

And the first Christmas card of the year!  

vrijdag 23 augustus 2013

Postcard from Ukraine

 The last postcard of the week is a nice card from Ukraine. 

The girl is wearing a headpiece inspired by the Ukrainian wreath or vinok.

woensdag 21 augustus 2013

Mail I received so far this week




Zicht op Stade
View on Stade

The Netherlands


My stamp order, the stamps for 100 years KMI 
are treated with special ink which becomes transparent
at a temperature above 25°C or when you place your finger
on it. 



Illustratie door Richard Doyle
Illustration by Richard Doyle

I also received a letter from my pen-friend Mel

donderdag 15 augustus 2013

Mail update

A nice letter from Japan, thanks Takeo!
With postcards from Kyoto and Tokyo

A holiday postcard from Suzanne.
Madeira, Portugal

With some nice stamps

donderdag 8 augustus 2013

Swap from Taiwan

I received a wonderful swap from Taiwan today!

K-pop postcards! 
Some sweets, coins, stickers 
and a cute paper tissue.

woensdag 7 augustus 2013

Snail mail on a rainy day

A cute Postcrossing meeting card from the Netherlands
Thank you Janet!

50 years jubilee stamp Jan Linders

And a surprise envelope from Singapore.
I can't read the name and there is no return address
but thank you very much! 

maandag 5 augustus 2013

Tea swap from an angel

Because I got flaked by one of the senders from a tea swap,
Lianne was so kind to angel for me. 
As you can see the envelope arrived in a "sorry your mail got damaged" bag.
The sides of the envelope were open and the back was torn...
But! as you can see, tea and note arrived safely. 

zaterdag 3 augustus 2013

Manga mail art

Manga mail art
and yes, I cheated a bit with the left drawing.
But it was the only way to "erase" my mistake.

vrijdag 2 augustus 2013

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