donderdag 11 december 2014

Christmas mail with tea

Some of the Christmas mail I was so lucky to receive already!
My mom was really happy with the tea too.

From the Netherlands

From Korea

zaterdag 6 december 2014

Native American Heritage

November is Native American Heritage month. 
In honor of that month Native American Postcards blog
did a give away to all people who sent a request.

This card shows two girls from
Ganado, Navajo Reservation, Arizona

On the back were these amazing stamps

Crazy Horse
The most famous war leader of the Lakota, he became feared by other tribes in the early 1850s for his skill in battle and continued fighting against U.S. expansion until his death. From a young age, he reportedly had trance visions of himself as a great warrior. He became an expert at luring cocky U.S. battalions into ambushes by pretending to be an injured, vulnerable target. Most famously, he led his tribe into the Battle of Little Bighorn, which left 268 soldiers dead including George Custer and two of his brothers.

Indian headdresses
American folk art

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