zondag 12 februari 2017

Some rare additions!

How lucky am I?! 
I can finally take Costa Rica AND Palau from my 
wanted list! 

Look at this beautiful card from 

I have also been spoiled by some of 
my Postcrossing friends! 
Two cards from a Postcrossing meeting,
plus very nice stamps

This stamp shows 
Crown Princess Elisabeth from Belgium
Issued 2016

Three pre-euro stamps, the one on the right is 
about the legend of St. Dimpna
and therefore related to my hometown Geel

zondag 29 januari 2017

Christmas mail 2016

We took down the Christmas cards today, 
so time for an update here! 
Just sit back and enjoy...

zaterdag 10 december 2016

Postcard party

This card comes from Bosnia and Herzegovina,
it wasn't send to me though, I got it as a souvenir,
isn't the bridge of Mostar pretty? 

This card comes from a Postcrossing meeting, 
never been to Garfunkels before...

This beauty is an official Postcrossing card,
I am so happy! 

And look at the cute stickers! 
It made me smile when I noticed the 
sender wrote the message in English,
while we are both Dutch speaking. I guess
it is a Postcrossing "disease". 

A Chinese official, I was holding it upside down first,
totally confused. When I figured out what was wrong,
I felt so silly.

I love this card from Finland
the fairy looks a bit mischievious though.
Forest mushrooms
set of 5, 2016

And more Postcrossing meeting cards!
This one came with special cancellations
from Malaysia

This card is so pretty! I love receiving 
churches from all over the world in my mailbox. 
This beauty comes from the Czech Republic
I couldn't find a decent English website about the
church, but I have found some information on 
the town Sumperk

This cute cat sticker is on the back 

And I got spoiled, the sender included a 
magnet from Praded

Although I don't really like ad cards, 
I liked finding this one in my mailbox.
It comes from a pen-friend in the UK to show
she was thinking of me. 

Great card made for the Postcrossing meeting 
in Deventer, the Netherlands

From a (pen-)friend in the Netherlands. 
The big circle has a 3D effect

The information I found about this card
was all in German, so I'll keep it simple:
This is the Abbey church Maria, St. Petrus & Paulus
in the abbey Ilbenstadt, Germany

Who doesn't like postcards in the mail

I managed to be sick for 14 days, 
the first envelope/card arrived in my 
mailbox to cheer me up. 
I love how the sweet sender turned the envelope
in a "postcard' too. And not just once, she did
it before too... just look at the second one below!

Isn't this little duck cute? I got spoiled with 
an amazing fairy card as well!

I managed to get this card through the
Postcrossing forum, the Studio Ghibli - Wishlist tag. 
I just love the Ghibli movies

I also got these two cards, both from postcrossing 
meetings! I even got the first card twice, I know so 
many kind people! 

maandag 31 oktober 2016

It is raining postcards!

My friends are spoiling me with cards from
their holiday destinations!
This nice multi-view comes from the Azores 

"Extreme Sports" series
Portugal 2016

This is an Instagram swap! 
I am far from an Instagram expert,
so I am really happy I managed to do this. 
The sender is a fellow Postcrossing member too

Look at all the stamps! And special cancellation!

Another holdiay card from a friend, 
this time from Russia

This beauty comes from a postcard pen-friend
who wants to practise her Dutch. 
I am ashamed to say, my reply to her is 
way overdue. 

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