zaterdag 20 augustus 2016

It has been way too long again

Two reasons why I haven't posted in a while:
1. Our desktop is a pain in the behind, 
it is simply too old.
2. I have a job! Finally! And it is taking most 
of my energy. 

Of course I still send and receive mail! Let me 
show you two of the lovely postcards I got in my 
mailbox lately. 

This postcard comes from Drenthe, the Netherlands

And this very nice card comes from the USA

I would like to promise to do better... but I won't, 
I don't know if I can keep that promise. 

maandag 4 juli 2016

I got lots of mail art today!

About a week ago I had a mini mail art postcrossing meeting
at my home. One of the ladies who joined me sent me this wonderful card,
which I also signed (I didn't know she was going to send it to me). 


 More beautiful mail art from a lovely lady 
from the Netherlands, who was interested in coming
but couldn't make it. Not a postcrossing member, 
but clearly a mail art lover! 

The card at the top right is one I should finish 
and return to her

She also drew this cute manga style "stamp"

This gorgeous mail art arrived from my 
new mail art friend in the USA

To end with, no mail art, but a beautiful card 
from China. I love traditional Asian art!

Look at the tapes she used! 

donderdag 16 juni 2016

Christmas seal album

My fiancé got me this little gem,
it is a little album to collect 
Cinderella stamps in. Some of them are 
already in place, and I hope that, with some luck,
I will be able to collect the missing ones. 

Mail art and more fun

I know, it's been too long again,
but here is the mail I received.

My (pen-)friend Suzanne sent this card to me
from her honeymoon in Germany

The stamps show a view from Gstadt across 
lake Chiemsee towards summits of the Chiemgau Alps.

This letter comes from Canada,
I love the sticker my pen-friend included

This card comes from my kind pen-friend
who never forgets me when she visits a "new" place.

"The Moon"

And this piece of Mail Art came from my
very first mail art friend in the USA! I love
what she created. 

Another piece of Mail Art, 
also from the USA.
The envelope makes me hungry, haha.

These stamps were sent to me from the Netherlands,
but as you can see they come from all over the world.
I should really make a blog about these. 

zondag 15 mei 2016

Collecting Christmas stamps! (and more stamps too)

My dear (pen-)friend sent me these amazing stamps! 
They are mostly Christmas and Easter stamps or they have a religious theme. 
I photographed the book "as is" because I couldn't wait to show you this wonderful gift!
(I am going to look for more information later for the individual stamps.)

vrijdag 13 mei 2016

Stamps and postcards!

I got a postcard from Andorra!
I am so happy I can cross off another country from my list

"Coat of arms of Andorra"
no face value

A card from Japan! I won a lottery
on the postcrossing forum, 
and found these bunnies in my mailbox

"International Letter-Writing Week"
set of 4 (2015)

And these are special stamps, they are railway stamps
from Belgium! My fiancé spoiled me with these.
This specific stamp was issued from 1879 till 1882.
It shows the coat of arms.
This kind of stamp is called a cinderella stamp in philately.

vrijdag 15 april 2016

Long overdue update

 Yes, birthday mail from last month! 
My birthday was on the 12th of March
and I received lovely mail to celebrate.

These cards come from fellow postcrossers in 
Belgium and The Netherlands

From my sweet pen-friend in The Netherlands
with more Japanse candy! 

From another dear (pen-)friend in the Netherlands
She spoiled me! 

Harry Potter letter paper!!! from my pen-friend in Portugal
She included a sweet homemade birthday card 
which I of course forgot to include in the photo

And look how she decorated the back of the envelope!
I have to get my hands on such stamps as well!

This letter has nothing to do with my birthday,
but my Japanese pen-friend always spoils me.

More mail from Asia, Taiwan
My pen-friend thought of me when she saw
the cat cards, haha. They are really cute indeed!

Mail from Turkey! I hope I'll hear from this girl again.
She just started sending mail via sendsomething and 
I was one of the lucky people who got a surprise package from her:
coffee (way too strong for my taste, but so happy I could try it),
tea, a little panda chocolate (which looked really cute, I still ate it though),
a postcard and a letter! 

These Christmas stamps come from the Netherlands!
Postcrossers are kind people, we help each other out,
stamps for me, tea for the lady who collected them 
from her mail. Works perfect!

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