vrijdag 15 april 2016

Long overdue update

 Yes, birthday mail from last month! 
My birthday was on the 12th of March
and I received lovely mail to celebrate.

These cards come from fellow postcrossers in 
Belgium and The Netherlands

From my sweet pen-friend in The Netherlands
with more Japanse candy! 

From another dear (pen-)friend in the Netherlands
She spoiled me! 

Harry Potter letter paper!!! from my pen-friend in Portugal
She included a sweet homemade birthday card 
which I of course forgot to include in the photo

And look how she decorated the back of the envelope!
I have to get my hands on such stamps as well!

This letter has nothing to do with my birthday,
but my Japanese pen-friend always spoils me.

More mail from Asia, Taiwan
My pen-friend thought of me when she saw
the cat cards, haha. They are really cute indeed!

Mail from Turkey! I hope I'll hear from this girl again.
She just started sending mail via sendsomething and 
I was one of the lucky people who got a surprise package from her:
coffee (way too strong for my taste, but so happy I could try it),
tea, a little panda chocolate (which looked really cute, I still ate it though),
a postcard and a letter! 

These Christmas stamps come from the Netherlands!
Postcrossers are kind people, we help each other out,
stamps for me, tea for the lady who collected them 
from her mail. Works perfect!

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