donderdag 15 oktober 2015

Stamps, what else?

Yes! After a very long time, finally a stamp post again!


"Coats of arms of the nobility"
(2014, set of 5) 
Several noble families of the highest rank lived and worked in the lands that
 make up present-day Slovenia and played an important role not only locally 
but also at the imperial level. The coat of arms was one of the most important attributes 
of every noble family; it was the badge by which the family was identified. 
Coats of arms frequently reflected the name of the family and its history.


stamp commemorating German Unity Day
Bottom right:
The Ishtar Gate was the Eighth Gate to the Inner City of Babylon
Bottom left:
Issued to commemorate the 100-year 
Anniversary of the discovery of the Nefertiti Bust
(both 2013)


Minisheet about Witkacy

(1989, set of 6)

That was all for this one! What do you think? 

Happy mailbox, happy me

I did several swaps again and here are the results.
I got so many nice cards and stamps that I put the latter in 
a separate post. 
So lets get started!

The first two postcards you see here 
I received from Slovenia for the 
"your language" swap. 

This card came from Poland with a nice view on
Czartoryski Palace in Pulawy 

This card came from a German swapper but,
as you can see, this is a beautiful view on Hohensalzburg Castle
and Nonnberg Abbey, Salzburg, Austria

And to end with, this card from Midland, Texas, U.S.A.
Not from a swap but from my kind pen-friend who lives there.

From the back:
In 1880, the Texas Pacific Railroad began to lay tracks 
westward from Fort Worth at about the same time that 
the Soutern Pacific began building east from El Paso.
The place where the tracks met bacame known as Midway. 
Later, the name was changed to Midland when it was discovered 
that there was another Texas town by the same name. 
The Parmian Basin, of which Midland is the geographic center, 
is said to contain 25% of the nation's reserves. 

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