maandag 31 oktober 2016

It is raining postcards!

My friends are spoiling me with cards from
their holiday destinations!
This nice multi-view comes from the Azores 

"Extreme Sports" series
Portugal 2016

This is an Instagram swap! 
I am far from an Instagram expert,
so I am really happy I managed to do this. 
The sender is a fellow Postcrossing member too

Look at all the stamps! And special cancellation!

Another holdiay card from a friend, 
this time from Russia

This beauty comes from a postcard pen-friend
who wants to practise her Dutch. 
I am ashamed to say, my reply to her is 
way overdue. 

zondag 30 oktober 2016

More postcards!

A silly card I got from a fellow Postcrosser 
and friend here in Belgium!

This is an official card I received 
through Postcrossing. The sender took this 
pic in the Sagrada Familia. It came from 
the USA though

I love cats! 
This little one arrived in my
mail box from Germany

Tag der Briefmarke 
Germany 2016

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