dinsdag 30 oktober 2018

All kinds of mail

Got some nice mail to share. 

I am a big fan of Cardcaptor Sakura, 
and when I saw these cards from my favorite characters,
I had to have them. 

The sender put some extra decoration on the backs, I just love it. 

This beautiful mini sheet from China was on the envelope.
Any information about this mini sheet is welcome.

 I received this card from a friend who went on vacation to Japan.

I love that Japan issues a stamp for
the International Letter Writing Week 
every year. This one is from 2017.

 This postcard arrived via swap-bot. 
It was a mail art swap with a theme, 
can you guess which one? 

A while ago I read something about youvegotmail.club 
on another blog (I am sorry I don't remeber which one).
And I decided to take a look, as I am always curious
to try new snail mail related things. 
It is a bit like Postcrossing, but you send envelopes instead. 
I sent a "surprise" to Italy and got one from Sweden in return.
The photos don't do it justice, there was so much in the envelope!  
I guess this is fun to do once in a while. 

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