maandag 12 maart 2018

Birthday mail and some no longer misplaced cards

So today is my birthday! 
I was allowed to open my birthday mail
and I got some packages as well. 

This card came with some cute stickers and tea
from the Netherlands.

A simple but cute card from Belgium.

 And now to the "no longer misplaced" part
of my post. These cards arrived in Belgium 
after I left. My mom put them away in a safe place, 
and couldn't find them anymore. 
Luckily she found them in time to send with my 
birthday card, so now I have these beauties to 
enjoy today as well. 

Sent from Germany by a Dutch Postcrosser.
The date shows how long ago, haha. 

Cute Christmas wishes from the Netherlands.

Beautiful greeting card from a friend in Japan.

They really know how to make cards in Japan.

A pretty winter landscape from Finland.

 "Snow Queen"
International Christmas stamp

 These stamps were on one of the packages 
I received today. 
It is a shame you can't see the metallic shine 
of the two ART stamps on the scan. 
Top right and middle:
set of 4, 2015
Top left:
Easter stamp
“The Arctica miniature sheet with artwork by Erik Bruun features migratory birds that nest in the North. Arctica refers to the migration of birds that nest in the Arctic region, a phenomenon that is eagerly watched by bird enthusiasts on the shores of the Gulf of Finland, especially in the spring.
The miniature sheet contains two domestic no-value indicator stamps and two added value stamps worth €0.10 and €0.20
The €0.10 stamp portrays the long-tailed duck, which has been classified as a vulnerable species.”

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  1. Beautiful mail! I especially love the card from Japan with the carriage and the snow!


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