zondag 17 september 2017

Postcards from every corner of the world (kind of)

Let's enjoy...

There are various swaps on the Postcrossing forum
and this one caught my eye, "Free (NOT ad) card swap".
I have several free cards, so I wanted to give it a try.
This card landed in my mailbox from China

Jing tai lan series:
set of 6, 2013
“Jing Tai Lan (the Chinese for cloisonné) is a unique form of art with the combination of sculpture, painting, copper smithing and porcelain making. “Jing Tai” being the name of a Ming Dynasty emperor during whose reign mass production of such articles began. And “Lan” means blue, which is the background color of Jing Tai Lan in most cases. Cloisonné enamel techniques were brought from Persia into China’s Yunnan Province during the Yuan Dynasty. These were improved during the Ming Dynasty by incorporating them with some of the traditional techniques for metal inlaying and porcelain making, which eventually gave birth to a new kind of cloisonné called Jing Tai Lan.”

Holiday postcard from the NetherlandsJulianadorp

A sweet cat card from Portugal!


Loppem Castle, Belgium
Since it is open to the public, I hope to visit
it some day. 

Queen Astrid from Belgium
born 1905, sadly passed away in a car accident 1935

View on the spa at Rogaska Slatina, Slovenia

Rogaška Slatina is a synonym for health-resort tourism in Slovenia. For centuries the curative mineral water rich in magnesium (branded as Donat Mg), the picturesque countryside, and other local attractions have attracted visitors to the area. Roman inscriptions referring to the spa waters have been found. The spa’s true prosperity starts in the second half of 19th century, when this fashionable tourist destination was visited by imperial families and nobility from all of Europe. Today it advertises to be the “only spa in Slovenia which focuses on disease prevention, continued treatment and the rehabilitation of patients with diseases of the digestive system.”

set of 5, 2014

 The cards which arrived with this stamp are already decorating the door, 
but I can't not show it. 
Europa stamp Austria, 2015
Old toys

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