woensdag 21 juni 2017

I get the most amazing mail

For some reason I never posted this, 
time to set things right.

This card comes from Hong Kong,
the girl is so beautiful.

The unique, picturesque and awe-inspiring landscapes of Hong Kong Global Geopark of China are adopted as the theme of the 2014 Hong Kong Definitive Stamps. The Geopark consists of two Regions and eight Geo-Areas. At this scientifically significant Geopark, you can get close to breathtaking geological wonders at the tip of South China. Through this set of definitive stamps, Hongkong Post wishes to promote earth science and raise public awareness of the natural environment.
Hong Kong is equally kind to birds of all feathers, offering food and shelter and breeding ground to residents and seasonal visitors as well as migrants in transit. The 2006 Hong Kong Definitive Stamps portray a cross-section of the wide spectrum of birds which enliven the city with the colours and music of Nature.

A "just because" card from the Netherlands

A promise to visit me from a friend here in Belgium
lets see when that happens. 

A holiday card from Spain,
the skirt is real fabric. 

King Felipe VI 

Ghibli! This card shows one of my favorite movies
from the Studio, Spirited Away, from Japan.

These are the front and back of the same card, 
also send from Japan, as a little extra. 
My favorite manga/anime ever, Cardcaptor Sakura,
with my favorite character Tomoyo!

Lots of wonderful Japanese stamps! 

This card came from Germany, through the 
"religious buildings" tag.

1200 years Münsterschwarzach Abbey, Benedictine abbey

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