zaterdag 27 augustus 2016

It is all about postcards

I received more postcards from the USA

Before dinosaurs werein existence, the sea covered Oklahoma
depositing barium sufate into the sand. As the climate changed, 
the sea dried up, and crystals (rose rocks) were
formed. Iron oxide in the sand gave the rocks their reddish
color. These beautiful, rare, rose rock clusters can be viewed at 
Timberlake Rose Rock Museum in Noble, Oklahoma.

St. Louis Union Station, once the largest and busiest passenger
rail terminal in the world, is now one of America's great marketplaces. 
Union Station first opened in 1894, but ceased operation as an active
train terminal in 1978. Union Station reopened in August
of 1985 as the largest adaptive re-use prject in the US.
Today, this National Historic Landmark of unmatched beauty and 
elegance has been dramatically restored and redveloped as 
dynamic mixed-use project that includes great shopping,
delicious dining and fabulous entertainment.

This litte beauty came from Japan

I can't remember if I showed these already, so just to be sure...

And last but not least! Mail art from France

back and front from the same card

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