donderdag 16 juni 2016

Mail art and more fun

I know, it's been too long again,
but here is the mail I received.

My (pen-)friend Suzanne sent this card to me
from her honeymoon in Germany

The stamps show a view from Gstadt across 
lake Chiemsee towards summits of the Chiemgau Alps.

This letter comes from Canada,
I love the sticker my pen-friend included

This card comes from my kind pen-friend
who never forgets me when she visits a "new" place.

"The Moon"

And this piece of Mail Art came from my
very first mail art friend in the USA! I love
what she created. 

Another piece of Mail Art, 
also from the USA.
The envelope makes me hungry, haha.

These stamps were sent to me from the Netherlands,
but as you can see they come from all over the world.
I should really make a blog about these. 

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