zaterdag 9 januari 2016

Lots of mail to blog about!

Two Christmas surprises from the Netherlands
On the left a little gift from my sweet pen-friend
and on the right stamps to play with from a fellow postcrosser! 

Make that three! 

A cute Sarah Kay postcard from Finland
via Postcrossing

And this card from Puerto Rico! The ID on the card 
reads 8249, so it is a rare country! 
The sender wrote:
"The legend of La Rogativa"
On April 30, 1797, Sir Abercrombie took control
of our city through a naval blockage. The bishop and the women 
held a religious procession, carrying candles and torches
as they prayed for salvation. The British thought the sight 
meant that more reinforcements had arrived, which would outnumber
them, leading the fleet to abandon the city promptly. 

The wonderful Pamela sent me some mail art 
and stamps for me to use! You can find her blog

Another Postcrossing card to end with,
this time from Russia

 The issue of postage stamps is dedicated to the 55th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between Russia and Laos.
(set of 2, 2015)
"Church of the Intersession on the Nerl is built in 1165 by Holy Duke Andrey Bogolyubskiy. It is located close to the village of Bogolyubovo in the Vladimir Region at the place of confluence of rivers Nerl and Klyazma on a flood meadow. It is a modest one-dome and four-pillar church decorated with carving. Thanks to the delicacy of proportions and the general harmony of the church and the natural landscape, it is considered one of the most beautiful Russian churches. In 1992, it was included into the World Heritage List of UNESCO as a part of “the white-stone monuments of Vladimir and Suzdal”. This year, the church celebrated its 850th anniversary."  

I am sorry for the quality of the pictures in this post, but the scanner has some issues with me, so I had to be "creative".

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