zaterdag 11 juli 2015

Lots of happy mail!

Just look at this amazing cat card I got from Finland!

The art is by Annika Hiltunen

and look at the back of the card, so pretty

Synchronized skating
With a matching priortiry sticker, the Fins are so good at

 This great package arrived from Japan for 
my "your language" swap.
It makes the manga/anime fan in me drool!
I never understood why the Japanese threw away manga 
when they didn't like it, but several of the little booklets
in this package are real manga. So basically it's like throwing
away a magazine you finished. Before I knew this,
I saw piles and piles of soft covers, costing at least 7 euro here,
ending up in the bin.

Last but not least, pen-friend mail! 
A nice letter from the Netherlands
(My mom already drank the tea)

Even more spoiled with mail from Taiwan

And to end, a letter from a new pen-friend from the USA
The stickers made me giggle, pink glittery skulls! 

I've been really lucky this week!

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