maandag 1 juni 2015

Stamps, what else?


top right:
"Representative images of the German Empire"
Reichspostamt in Berlin
(ca 1902)
top left:
Germania (stamp)
Germania  (personification)
They represent the longest running series in German philately 
(used 1900-1922)
bottom right:
Little shocking fact:
The Weimar Republic stamps, issued between late 1922 and May of 1923, are the same designs as the Pfennig denominations of the December 1921 definitive series, but are now denominated in Marks!
Between January and December of 1922, the price of a postage stamp for domestic mail went up 800%, and the price of a postage stamp for foreign mail went up 2,000%.
bottom left:
allegorical painting by Anton von Werner, 
sometimes referred to as 
"The Union of North and South", featuring Germania above, raising the imperial crown.

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