woensdag 1 april 2015

Happy mail

I received this lovely letter today,
it included a late birthday gift!
(But that is for another post.)

This seems to be a card "Discovery toys consultants" sent
to possible customers. The copyright on the back reads 1987.
Love it! 

"A view of Savannah looking towards the 
Savannah River and the
Talmadge Memorial Bridge"

 "The Bob Graham Sunshine Skyway Bridge is 
a cable-stayed bridge spanning over the 1200 foot (about 366 meters)
shipping channel of Tampa Bay, with a total length 
of 21 877 feet (about 6 668 meters). The bridge is considered the "flag bridge" of Florida"

My pen-friend put lots of great stamps on her letter!

And last but not least, a postcard from the UK!
A view on Fleetwood
top left:
The town's most prominent feature is the Mount, a 7-acre (2.8 ha) park facing the sea-front, laid out by Decimus Burton, and built on a large sand dune originally known as Tup's Hill. It is surmounted by a pavilion built in 1902 incorporating a clock added in 1919.
top right:
bottom left:
Fleetwood Transport Festival, also known as Tram Sunday, has been held annually on the third Sunday of July since 1985. It is a festival of vintage vehicles highlighted by a number of historical tram-cars, which parade along Lord Street.
bottom right:

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