dinsdag 17 maart 2015

Swap-bot cards

On another blog I read about a swap on Swap-bot called 
"Not my country postcard swap" I liked the idea, but of course
I couldn't find an open swap. I did stumble on a similar one though
so I participated in "I've never been there postcard swap" .
The idea: send a postcard from a place you never visited. 
Today I received the cards from both my partners.

The first card was send from the US and is about the US
The sender lives in Augusta, Georgia and never visited San Francisco

The second card was send from Bulgaria and is about the US
The sender never visited the US. 

I can't find information about this stamp
but it is issued in 2012

4 opmerkingen:

  1. I was searching for information on this stamp too and saw yours and got excited. lol Great blog :D

    1. If you happen to find any information, please let me know! :)

    2. I did - The stamp was designed in 2012, but printed in January of 2013. It is a stamp about tourism and features the Bulgaria Tourist Logo.

  2. Deze reactie is verwijderd door de auteur.


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