woensdag 13 augustus 2014

A Postcrossing postcard from Belarus

I received this card today from Belarus

photograph by Victar Malyschyts or Malyschyc
from the series "Belarus: In Embrace of Stars"
Thanks to Kevin for telling me this! 

“Common cuckoo” from the series “Bird of the year"

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  1. Hi TomoyoHime,
    That is from Victar Malyschyts’ photo exhibit entitled “Belarus: In Embrace of Stars”. It was featured in May 18, 2013 (Museum Night 2013) at The National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus.
    As for the stamp, I found it in this online stamp catalogue and it was issued 2014, March 11. The Common cuckoo and your image is much clearer than theirs.

  2. Hello!!
    I found your blog and I'm loving it (: You're doing such an amazing blog!

    I recently created a blog about my snail mail activity (postcrossing included, just like you :D) and I would love your visit of course! I'm now following you




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