zaterdag 12 juli 2014

Postcards and stamps from Malta and Czech Republic

I got this postcard from the Czech Republic with matching stamps.

This beautiful castle is called Cervena Lhota

The stamp on the right shows the Chapel of the Holy Trinity,
which as you can see on the stamp in UNESCO WHS

I guess you can say I received this card from Malta for a very strange reason. 
The sender of this card, a fellow postcrosser, said that she got complaints about the stamps, 
which are never cancelled when she put the cards in the mailbox. To get the stamps
cancelled she has to go to the postoffice, wait in line and ask the staff to cancell
all the stamps. 
So I wrote a comment, that I thought she put a lot of effort in making people happy,
which is amazing, but that Postcrossing is about the postcards, not the stamps. And if she ever had to send me a card, she could just put it in the mailbox. 

Because I was the first to respond to her message,
she sent me this card and guess what, the stamp isn't cancelled.
The stamp (2014) commemorates the tenth anniversary of Malta's accession to the European Union. The stamp was designed by MaltaPost and depicts the Maltese national flag beside the flag of the European Union.

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