woensdag 23 oktober 2013

Collecting Christmas stamps



The 1984 Christmas postage stamp is interesting mixture of something new and something old. The stamps design continues to seek out new style with a pinch of old. And after four years of double-stamp issues, the Finnish post returned back to give final experiment with single stamp christmas issue
The topic of the stamp is nothing less than Santa bringing gifts. Unlike the American santa who arrives trough the chimney, Finnish Joulupukki walks from the front the door.


In 1986 the Finnish Post issued their first, and so far also the last, se-tenant Christmas postage stamp issue. At the same time Christmas postage stamps returned back to use of two separate face values: discounted rate for early domestic mail and regular rate stamps for normal and international delivery.



The 1988 Christmas postage stamps introduced few more Christmas decorations. These stamps also mark an end of an era – from here on single-design Christmas stamps were no longer issued by Finnish Post.


The 1989 Christmas stamp makes a very clear note on how the Finnish society and christmas traditions have evolved in the past decades. The meaning of countryside and it’s traditions has decreased a lot as more and more people have moved to larger cities.
The discounted christmas rate stamp displays a city Christmas.

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