maandag 26 augustus 2013

Mail from Hong Kong and the US

A little celebration! This postcard is my "received: 100 postcards" on Postcrossing!
From Hong Kong

This is a golden lock for new-born babies, 
the words on it mean "luck" and "health". 

Special stamp issue - "Revitalisation of Historic Buildings in Hong Kong"

Architectural heritage bears witness to the development of our city. To enhance heritage conservation in the territory, the Government launched the Revitalising Historic Buildings Through Partnership Scheme in 2008 with the objectives of preserving historic buildings in Hong Kong, developing them into remarkable cultural landmarks and putting them to good and innovative use. To enhance public understanding of the conservation and revitalisation of local historic buildings, Hongkong Post will issue a set of six special stamps on the theme of "Revitalisation of Historic Buildings in Hong Kong". These stamps feature the six historic buildings under Batch I of the Revitalisation Scheme and their usage after revitalisation.
To complement the special stamp issue, Hongong Post will launch, for the first time, a set of postage prepaid picture cards with 3D effect on the same theme. The 3D cards are perfect for sending personal greetings to friends and relatives. They also make appealing items for collectors.

Beautiful stamps from the US

Amazing Christmas stamps

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