woensdag 22 mei 2013

Lovely incoming

Drie mooie postkaartjes vandaag.
Three pretty postcards today. 

 Black & white from the Brooklyn Bridge
From the back of the card:
A walk across the promenade of the majestic Brooklyn Bridge
is an experience unlike any other.
Because the New York subway runs under the East River, 
and the pedestrian walkway is over the vehicular level, 
it has been said that the Bridge is the "only place on earth
where an airplane could fly over a pedestrain who is walking
over a car that is driving over a boat that is floating over a train." 

 From the Netherlands
Thank you Veerle! 

From Malaysia
En de postzegel
And the stamp

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  1. Zo schattig dat ze allemaal zijn :P ik vind ze echt geweldig!


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