maandag 22 april 2013

Postcard shower

Heb veel postkaartjes gekregen vandaag, drie kwamen in een enveloppe, van Duitsland, de andere van Finland.
Received lots of postcards today, three came in one envelope, from Germany, the other came from Finland.

Special thanks to Steph for providing the extra information.
Büdingen is a small town. In the picture you see the castle
that dates back to the 12th century. There are quite a few
legends being told about the castle and the town in general, e.g.
Princess Mathilde zu Y. (who lived in the castle in medieval times)
was so annoyed with the croaking of the frogs in the castle pond, 
that she had all the frogs removed and banned from the town. 
Nowadays the frogs are the town's lucky charm and statues etc. can be 
found everywhere. 

The old part of Gelnhausen came out of WW2 without too much damage. 
Therefore you can still see many of the old and typical houses of Germany here.
This is a view on the Marienkirche or St. Mary church. 

Hanau is the birthplace of the brothers Grimm. An annual festival is held 
in their honor which is set up in the garden of the castle on the picture. 

Angry birds van Finland. Ik zou heel blij zijn als iemand kan vertalen wat de vogels zeggen.
Angry birds from Finland. I'd be really happy if someone could translate what the birds say. 

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  1. The Angry Birds:

    ..Check whether there are cars coming..
    ..cross the street when the road is clear, chick


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