woensdag 26 september 2012

Paper I decorated....

Jammer genoeg is het nogal moeilijk om hier het soort briefpapier te krijgen dat ik echt graag zie, dus heb ik zelf wat gemaakt. Het is erg basic, maar ik hoop dat mijn penvriendinnen het mooi zullen vinden.

Unfortunately I don't have easy acces to the kind of letter paper I love, so I made some myself. It is very basic, but I hope my pen-friends will like it. 



3 opmerkingen:

  1. Nice! I've been really lazy to decorate my letter sheets, but I feel like I should now! :) Do you use your paper without lines or do you draw lines? I can't write without lines, otherwise the writing goes up and down all the way. lol

    1. I sometimes draw a few lines when I see that my writing starts to go up and down. But most of my paper, homemade or store bought has no lines and I'm too lazy to draw them every time. ^^"


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