vrijdag 30 september 2011

Tickets from Taiwan

Ik heb de informatie gekopiëerd zoals ik ze gevonden heb op de tickets van Chihkan Tower en Anping Old Fort, Taiwan.
I copied the information as found on the tickets of the Chihkan Tower and Anping Old Fort, Taiwan.

Chihkan Tower
 Chihkan Tower is the landmark of Tainan and its most famous historic site. In 1653 the Dutch built "Fort Providentia" in this area, and the Chinese named it "Tower of Savages" or "Tower of Red-haired Barbarians". Chihkan Tower is its official name today.
Even though Chihkan Tower has survived different historical periods it retains its rich and graceful architectural aspects. Crammed with various kinds of steles, stone horses, weight lifting rocks, stone weights, and nine stone tortoises carrying royal stele carved in both Chinese and Manchurian, the courtyard looks like an outdoor museum. Chihkan Tower is particularly attractive at night.  

Anping Old Fort

In the early 17th century, European seafarers came to Asia to trade and develop colonial outposts. In 1624 the Dutch occupied today's Anping and took ten years to build a fort named "Fort Zeelandia".
After 1662, because Kowinga and his son lived here, it was named "King Castle", "Anping Castle" as well as "Taiwan Castle". The Japanese rebuilt it and named it "Anping Old Fort".
Today, the only Dutch remains are the ruins of a semicircular bulwark and a section of the outer fort's brick wall: the root of an old banyan tree on the wall remains a witness to the fort's long history.

(Met dank aan mijn penvriendin, die zo vriendelijk was ze bij haar brief te doen)
(Thanks to my pen-friend, who was so kind to include them in her letter)

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