woensdag 29 juli 2020

Colorful greeting cards

I made several greeting cards 
over the last few weeks.
I love this colorful set

My camera work is not the greatest, 
I really should look into it more...

Also! I got the inspiration for these cards
from CraftyRia. I love her youtube channel

vrijdag 3 juli 2020

Christmas in July!

Ready for some Christmas cards? 
These adorable images came with a magazine,
some of the background papers as well. 

My friends better like cats...

3D kitties

Two tags I made with scraps, to make me feel better
about creating even more scraps...

donderdag 18 juni 2020

A monastery, a church and a castle

Three cards this time,
with some of my favorite themes on cards.
The first one is from

A view on the "Capelas Imperfeitas"

Northern Ireland 
the Medieval High Cross in Dromore

Miramare Castle in Trieste
I was surprised to learn there is a small connection
between Belgium (my home country) and this 
castle. I love history. 

woensdag 12 februari 2020

Seven days of friendship

A little over a week ago I received this big envelope in the mail

 My friend Suzanne put a 
"7 days of friendship" package together for me!  

 Next to these cute cat pictures 
and sticker sheet plus pen...

 She included seven handmade envelopes
Every envelope included a bag of tea (and one coffee),
those are obviously gone...

Day one

Day two
paper to use for card making and a charm

Day three
letter and a cute hedgehog

 Day four
clear stamp

 Day five

Day six
little giftbag, facial mask, stickers

 Day seven
letter and notebook

I don't think my photos do the effort she put in this
package justice. I did use my canon camera to take
pictures, but the camera is only as good as the one holding it...

Thank you Suzanne for this wonderful week of mail!
I will definitely put everything to good use. 

dinsdag 4 februari 2020

Received a new country in my mailbox

I always feel lucky when people think of me
when they are on vacation and 
send me a card. All cards in this post were kindly
send to me from holiday destinations.
This time I was extra lucky because I got a card from...

It was the first time I got a card from this country


Spain, Canary Islands

zondag 2 februari 2020

Going here and there by snail mail

I am really behind on posting all the wonderful
postcards I received, so here is a selection.

A view on the Vismarkt and

Sri Lanka
Gal Vihara, shown on the card are 
the standing and reclining images of Buddha.

And last but not least, 
some beautiful illustrations from Seattle, USA


Travelling into the history of Italy

I would like to show you some nice cards from Italy
in this post

The Tower of Cerrano (Torre di Cerrano) is 2 kilometres from the town centre, at the town's southern border with Silvi Marina. It was built in the 16th century by the Holy Roman Emperor, Charles V as a watch tower to guard against attacks from the Turks and others based in what is now Croatia, 100 km (62 miles) across the Adriatic. Today, the tower houses a modern sea-biology laboratory. 

We get a multi view on the castles of the Abruzzo region
From left to right, top to bottom:
Ortucchio, Torre di Beffi, Castello aragonese, Castello di Salle,

The St. Peter's Basilica, Pantheon and Colosseum
don't really need any introduction, I believe

woensdag 29 januari 2020

Recycled Christmas cards and using up scraps

This year I am going to try to recycle 
old Christmas cards. 
You might recognise the card you sent me,
please do not think I didn't appreciate it,
because I did and I do! 

This card had a big rectangular shape, I turned it into 
a square, repositioned the sentiment and
covered up/replaced the original wording

The next two cards were made from the same 
store bought Christmas card. 

This card refused to get its picture taken properly...

The previous card fits in with two of my goals, 
recycling cards and using up my scraps. 
The cards you will see next are made with scraps, 
I think they turned out pretty well.  

What do you think? 

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